Hayward animation used in news item KRON4

Something amazing has happened!

Every ones in a while I check the Hayward loop animation to see how many hits it has got. You know, the animation Natalia & I made for the city of Hayward in which is explained which highways have been changed and which roads are now one direction or two directions.

So I googled: “Hayward loop”, like I always do and like always, the Hayward animation on Youtube appeared at the top of the list. But my attention was caught by a video on the same page, which also showed the Hayward animation.
Only this time a man was standing on front of the screen looking at the animation. I thought; “What is this?”, and clicked on it to get totally surprised by what I saw a few second later.

It was a news item made by KRON4, concerning the improvements of the highways in the Hayward area. They were explaining how the Hayward project will generate more profit for businesses in the area, when the changed will be implemented and what will have been changed exactly.

So to explain all the changes, they used the Hayward animation, which we made, as visual support! They actually used it in the news item! I was flabbergasted! I was like; “This is not happening!” But it did happen! KRON4, which provides the news for the San Fransisco bay area, was so kind to promote the animation, and with that, Natalia & I as designers. And it worked, because after the item was broadcasted, the animation has been seen over more than 11.000 times! Not bad at all!

If you find it hard to believe, you can have a look at it yourself:

You can find the complete animation on my personal website: