Miscarriage management graphics screens for training video University of California San Fransisco

The objective

These titles screens have been made for a training video concerning miscarriage management. The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) wanted to have title screens regarding the measures (procedures) one can take, and the services the UCSF Medical Center has to offer, when having a miscarriage.

I was responsible for the creation of the graphic animation screens to introduce the following elements:

1. Title screen with course name and “video chapter” name with logo.
2. Transition screen for the introducing of a new topic.
3. Bullet point screen for showing a list of bullets.
4. Lower thirds, where the person’s name and job title appear on the screen.

The project

The medical center was looking for a clean and modern look, which would be appropriate for a medical health center. I got my inspiration by looking closely at the corporate identity and colors of the center.

First, I made four title screens, each in a different style. The client chose one of the four screen titles with the style they liked best.

They chose the one in which the lines become bigger en go criss cross through each other and where all of a sudden the UCSF logo appears.

I had to make the other graphic screens in the same style. The screens had to be general and universal, so the video editor could modify the templates easily into the different subtopics, bullet points and names & professions.


This is the title screen they liked the most. So they chose this style as the main style for the rest of the other screens.

This is the second title screen with a totally different style. I wanted to make a modern, feminine look. That is why I this used this light
pink color  and I tried to relate the other colors with this pink.

I wanted to give this title screen a technical look, to point out that the UCSF is a technical institute where they keep innovating and  exploring.

This is the sub topic screen which introduces a new sub topic. The screen has been made in the style the UCSF chose a the main style for the graphic screens.

This bullet screens have been made in the main style, that has been chosen by the USCF.

  • Professionality 100%
  • After Effects 80%
  • Illustrator 20%

Design skills

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