PrEP caracter animation

The motivation

This animation has been made to announce that there is a new medication on the market that prevents one from getting HIV.

The medication is called PrEP, which stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and it is a drug that you take before you are exposed to the HIV-virus. If people take PrEP every day or nearly every day and combine it with condoms or other HIV prevention methods, they may see their risk for HIV cut by up to 90%.

The project

The animation gives information concerning all aspects of the medication in a creative and comprehensive way. The video is extremely dynamic, because of the many transition that it has.
Moreover, the animation contains some characters that walk dance and talk (lip sync) as if they where real human beings and together with the colors, this makes the animation unique.


  • Inspiration 100%
  • Illustrator 50%
  • After Effects 40%
  • Cinema 4D 10%

Design skills

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